Christophe Bourgois Costantini


Logo & Website Design. Wordpress Plateform

Awarded Executive Coach by HEC Paris in 2015, Christophe Bourgois Costantini has distinguished himself not only as a coach, but a commercial councillor and public speaker. He specialises in life coaching, professional coaching for managers and senior positions, and coaching for high level athletes.

Costantini’s work draws influence from Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, recognising that intelligence is found in nine distinct categories, rather than seeing intelligence as single general ability. Costantini’s coaching promotes understanding of multiple intelligences, self-knowledge, connection with nature, and collective consciousness.

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Brand Identity

As a business man, philosopher, writer, and jazz musician, Costantini values himself as an open-minded, understanding, modern professional coach. His goal is to help you understand who you are, live the here and now, and overall to help you succeed in your goals

Logo Design

In order to visually represent his brand identity the final logo design symbolises recognition of multiple intelligence, nature, and collective consciousness.

Web design

In order to gain an online presence and communicate his services to customers Costantini required a clear, concise website where users can source information, learn from his video presentations, and connect with a user friendly contact form. We chose Wordpress as a platform in order to give Constantini the freedom to update is own content and create blog posts using a powerful content management system.

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